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Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) is a subsidiary of the Exelon Corporation and Maryland’s largest gas and electric utility. BGE earlier had created the holding company Constellation Energy in 1999. Constellation Energy was acquired by Exelon in 2012.Headquartered in Baltimore, BGE provides service to more than 1.2 million electric customers and more than 650,000 natural gas customers in central Maryland. BGE employs 3,100 people in the state of Maryland, making the company one of the 15 largest private employers in the region.

Luke, and unhappy customer mentioned "Having to deal with BGE has been the worst operation I’ve ever had to deal with! I’ve been trying to change the name on my account for weeks. Now they put you on hold for hours and never answer. My last call was 58 min before I got hung up. They don’t have a call back option. The DMV has a way better system than these jokers they need to get with the times or find someone who knows what their doing. They already have a low rating but nothing is being done."


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Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Managers are terrible communicators who never expressly state what they want and then get mad when you didn't read their minds. Somehow they also manage to be micro managers who require a daily task sheet and to track how long you ate lunch even if it's at your desk."

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is allowed to play the favorites game and there is an astounding number of racial discrimination against African American people. Only certain people get promoted, it depends on who you're related to or who you know not on your experience. They are supposed to be about safety but when you're on storm duty that all goes out the window. People have been kept at work for over 30 hours at times during bad storms. We have been told to take our children to a neighbor's house to come to work for storm duty. Day to day is really hard, there was always a coworker upset or crying or both in meetings. Management will look you in the face if you go to them with issues about your direct supervision and tell you they will help you but nothing changes. I wouldn't recommend anyone work there. Cons: Poor management, HR isn't there for employees best interest only that of upper management, several ongoing cases of Harrassment and mistreatment of African Americans, Morale stayed at an all time low, You had storm duty assignments even when you didn't work outside, You received threatening emails about your being expected to report, If you didn't report no matter the reason it is placed in your annual review negatively, They are run without a union so they are allowed to treat people how they want, We were told "Be thankful that you have a job", Supervisors are sneaky and conniving."

Hvac filter tech (Former Employee) says

"Upper management threaten staff with losing their jobs on a weekly basis. Vehicles are never up to standard. Ran in a very unorganized way. 10/10 felt good leaving."

Customer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"If you are willing to work whenever they say and for as long as they say for very low pay and no benefits for 12 months to 3 years than BGE is for you. The company does have a very family atmosphere but it treats it's temps like step children, paying the lowest possible for them making you adhere to a strict point system and holding you accountable for system issues and requiring you to work and be on time during bad weather."

Senior Master Technician (Former Employee) says

"Hopeful that the Union will save that place. Constant threats of outsourcing your job to contractors, Human resources personnel work for the company and will lie to protect poor management. Cons: no security"

consultant (Former Employee) says

"Être consultant chez BGE c est adopter une culture industrielle du conseil avec le salaire d un ouvrier. Le management est stressant et stressé avec des objectifs individuels qui ne peuvent être tenus qu à la condition de bâcler les entretiens avec les créateurs d entreprise. Cons: salaire minable"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Bge was a good experience both work and play because every situation was tackeled by all as a team and it was so organized to the point where you just did not worry about anything"

Customer Relations Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working at Baltimore Gas & Electric was very difficult with the hours that we were required to work. Management didn't back-up any employees. I learned alot with how to deal with situations that weren't always easy to handle. My co-workers were great! I am still very good friends with multiple people from BGE. Cons: horrible hours, poor management"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn't reccommand anyone to work here. They don't care about their employees and think you are some kind of robots. Allot of rules are changed depending on his tale you kiss. Cons: no healthcare, no room to advance, favoritizim"

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is continuing changes and learning. Not enough communicating. Most enjoyable is manager is very concerned boss and will do anything to help each and everyone. Cons: Short breaks lunchs and micromanage, no health ins"

Project Manager-Vegetation (Current Employee) says

"No advancement and horrible pay for the extensive work that has to be done. Everyday you wake up not knowing if you have a job, whether it be laid off or your boss had a bad day."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The most enjoyable part of my job is when I am tasked to lead an initiative where I get to collaborate with different SMEs in various capacities. I enjoy reaching out and working with different personalities and varying levels of technical expertise. I find that most if not all of the time, I learn something thus improving enhancing my skill-set as well as my people skills. Cons: No Free Parking"

filter tec (Current Employee) says

"change HVAC filters know my way sround syncrude base plant and auroa"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"A very fast-paced call center environment with lots of opportunities to speak with people with concerns ranging from billing information to emergency calls."

Customer Relations Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Great paying job, however work is very stressful most times. Some managers tend to micro manage also. If you work hard you can definitely get ahead, however that still make take some time."

Business Development Manager / BGE (Current Employee) says

"Fun work place with supportive management, There was a lot of variety in what I did each day. Got a lot experiende working there. Cons: Long hours"

Contractor (Current Employee) says

"Doesn't allow contractors the ability to get 40 hours per week, let alone get 8 hours in a work day. Contractors that work as Meter Readers aren't in a position to become a full time employee and they do the same work if not more work than the regular employees."

responsable developpement territorial (Former Employee) says

"expérience enrichissante de la création et de l'implantation d'une structure"

Senior Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"The company provides a different business perspective and helps one understand something we take for granted (gas & electric). It is a place to grow, especially young college professionals. Cons: not much time to take breaks"

Principal Safety Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Long hours, stressful, working weekends, writing reports that say the same thing just VP's want it in a different format, no trust from upper management on decisions by experienced employees. Cons: Stressful, long hours"

Former Employee - Senior Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at BGE part-time for less than a year Cons: The entire time I worked there I was sexually harrassed, they constantly tried to get me to sleep with them. I was harrassed in meetings, while I was alone getting assignments, the person would get close up on me breathing hard, I could feel there hot breath on my face. They harrassed me until the day my assignment ended. Awful place to work."

Former Employee - Customer Service Specialist says

"I worked at BGE full-time for more than a year Cons: I could write all day, but I'll try to cover my biggest complaints: Terrible work-life balance. The call center is open from 7am-7pm. Management can make reps stay as long as they want if call volume picks up. Rotating monthly schedule. Most reps work a shift that falls between 7-7, others are scheduled to cover calls between 4-12. BGE has two locations. One in Woodlawn and another in Baltimore City (not far from the habor). Management can change your work location at any time and do so often without employee consideration. New reps go through a training period called QDT before they are assigned a manager. However, QDT is poorly managed and reps receive very little feedback on their progress. My whole group sat in QDT for a full year. I only received 2 phone evaluations, making it impossible to be released from training. Temporary employees do not accure paid time off and are not paid for major holidays when the center is closed. The center never truly closes. It's open 24/7 for emergency calls, which means you could be selected to work on a major holiday. Reps still work on non-major holidays (Labor Day, etc) when the center is closed. On these days, reps have to report to a training facility where they stay for a 9 hour work day. Storm Duty. Reps are expected to stay for several days in a hotel when BGE's coverage area has been hit by a major storm. During this time, reps are working 12 hr days. Management does not make a conscious effort to interact with the people they lead. BGE sponsors work groups, but reps cannot attend because they can't be off the phones. Contractors cannot attend BGE sponsored events. Every minute off the phone must be accounted for. Reps receive two 15 min breaks and one 30 min lunch break. Taking a bathroom break or a water break outside of scheduled times may prompt management to pull you to the side. All breaks are previously scheduled. Reps are expected to take their breaks within five minutes of the scheduled time. If a call runs longer than expected, reps have to email management so they can adjust the scheduled break time. BGE is a "back in only" facility. Which means that employees can only back in while parking, they cannot pull forward. Which takes too much time. Work through lunch is very common. On these days, reps only receive their two 15's, no lunch break. Management provides lunch, which is either a Chick-fil-a sandwich, cookie and chips or a Panaera Sandwich with chips. Only half the time do they provide a drink. There is no grace period. As a result, reps are often seen running from their cars into the building so they don't get penalized for being a minute late . Temporary employees have to apply and interview for a permanent position. They do not transition after already being there for a year. Reps are often verbally abused by callers."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I have been working at BGE full-time for more than 3 years Cons: There is no work/life balance. The call center is a very stressful place to work due to high call volume and the coldness of management. Human Resources is not there for employees. HR will always side with company management when an employee issue is taken to HR."

Former Employee - Senior Engineer says

"I worked at BGE full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Racial microaggressions are commonly committed to employees of Asian origins by managers and directors and is tolerated at C-level. Offensive questions like "Where are you from?", "How come you speak English well?", "The friend you're referring for a job, does he speak English?", etc."

Former Employee - Engineer III says

"I worked at BGE full-time for more than 5 years Cons: BGE does a poor job of developing engineers. They tend to pigeon-hole the young engineers, so that they can't go anywhere. Also, merit doesn't matter. You will only advance if you know the right people (like most places).In addition, Management doesn't have a clue to mesh modern business practices with day-to-day activities of keeping the lights on and the gas flowing."

Current Employee - Customer Relations Representative says

"I have been working at BGE full-time for more than a year Cons: You're not appreciated here at room for advancement unless u know someone or you're liked. You are worked like a dog and there are no benefits from working hard."


"I have been working at BGE Cons: Subject matter is very boring Not very flexible with WFH Boring work environment"


"I worked at BGE Cons: Paralysis by analysis. Parent company and business talk a good game but they get stuck on metrics but little real change comes to champion customer. The company is a good 10 years behind a typical new world company. In an effort to create a diverse work environment(which is commendable), the most talented individuals are not always rewarded for their skills and contributions."


"I worked at BGE Cons: Management is chaotic and fractured. Very blame-oriented but not willing to accept advice or responsibility. Way too much ass-covering and not enough leadership."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"I have been working at BGE full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management doesn't care about how well you work but rather the perception you have. If your a "Yes" person you will go well. If you suggest an alternative idea well you'll find yourself being questioned about your perception."

Michael says

"To many power failures, as I write this (Thursday this week) we have had 3 failures, there have been weeks where we get one failure a day. If I had the choice on who delivered my power I would use some one else. But they have the monopoly here, so I am stuck, they are just one of the many reasons Baltimore sucks."

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